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That morning chill means football is near

Written By: Terry Foster | August 24, 2011

Filed Under: sports, Tigers

This morning I left the house for my 5 o’clock workout with trainer Melissa and I felt a companion I have not experienced in a while. It was that morning chill and it sure felt good on the face. I stopped outside my house for a moment before getting in the car just to experience a little more of that chill.

It was the first sign that fall is not far behind. It also reminded me of football games in Ann Arbor and East Lansing. The calendar still says summer but for me fall has already begun. I am in football mode and my daughter Celine is in full soccer mode as she plays in her second tournament this weekend in Grand Rapids at the Grand Rapids Crew tournament.

Editors are breathing down my throat for football stories. My vacation has run out at the Detroit News and 971 The Ticket and I’ve been assigned to cover my first football game next week when Michigan State plays host to Youngstown State in a Friday night football opener for both teams.

This is my favorite time of year. It is also a busy time of year for most sports writers. We are fully engaged.

What will make the fall more fun this year is that hopefully the Tigers will make the playoffs and make the Detroit fan base even more electric. It looks like that is going to happen but I remain cautious simply because of the history of this team stalling down the stretch.

But even without the Tigers it is time to get busy. Football is in the air as is that delightful morning chill.

It sure did feel great.

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  1. Daniel Tostige Says:

    “It also reminded me of football games in Ann Arbor and East Lansing.”

    Don’t forget about them chips.


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