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Child shooting leaves me in bad mood

Written By: Terry Foster | August 22, 2011

Filed Under: Family, Life, Parenthood

My weekend was good. I got to see my daugher play soccer in a tournament in Ft. Wayne. Her team won and that made her happy. I got to sneak away with my son for a daddy-son lunch. There were no ladies. No parents. No mommy. Nobody. It was just me and him.

He likes that and so do I.

I write this because I love being with my children and I love that for the most part my children are out of harm’s way. The chances of them being shot by a drive by shooter are slim. I have no baby momma issues and my gang activity never started.

The same cannot be said about that poor Roseville kid who was shot in the head while sleeping next to his mother on a couch. It was a drive by shooting and the bullet was meant for his mother. Instead the innocent kid gets it. Police want to talk to the father of the child to see what he knows.

Stories like this really anger me. The kid harmed no one and although he is expected to survive, his life is scared for life. Our children are shot nationwide. Innocent little things with their dreams and futures shattered by adults who do not care about life or themselves. They shoot random bullets not knowing where they are headed or even why.

The people who listen to the Valenti and Foster Show want to talk about Tigers and division titles and Lions and running backs. I do too. But this story left a scar with me and put me in a bad mood.

Hopefully the child recovers.


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