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Why not say yes to Michigan?

Written By: Terry Foster | August 18, 2011

Filed Under: Family, Travel

There is an annual event that is becoming annoying. I love taking my family somewhere in the state of Michigan each summer. We do our big vacation and then we spend three day some place in the state.

We’ve gone to Grand Rapids, Traverse City a couple of times and most recently Mackinaw and Tahquamenon Falls. I love visiting places in my home state and next summer I hope to go to picture rocks in the UP. But here is the annoying thing. I always run into people who want to know how my summer is going.

I tell them and every time I mention visiting Michigan they say “What too cheap to go someplace else?”

It happened again the other day when I told this clown I took the kids to Tahquamenon Falls. The first thing out of his mouth was criticizing me for not taking the kids to Niagera Falls. And he jokingly asked if I were cheap.

What the hell is wrong with saying “Yes to Michigan.” And it is not like Tahquamenon Falls is a two foot drop. It is pretty impressive.

And I told this guy that I’ve been to Niagera Falls several times and I’ve seen water falls in Hawaii, Washington and California. Does this mean that every time I want to see a water spill into a river I have to be a real dad and pack the kids in the car and go out of state or hop in an airplane?

It makes no sense.

I like my state. I know it is struggling. And if I can help it a little bit by dropping my tourist dollars here then I am going to do it. We are taking Celine to Indiana for a soccer tournament this weekend and my wife wanted to go on the trip so she can school shop at an outlet mall in Indiana. I told her to stay home, that if she wants to hit outlet malls we got some nice ones in Birch Run and on the way to Lansing.

I’d rather keep the money in my home state. If that makes me cheap, then so be it.



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4 Responses to “Why not say yes to Michigan?”

  1. Dave Linden Says:

    Thanks for blogging this Terry. So many of us Michiganders share your sentiments about this grand state. Our family fave is Sleeping Bear Dunes, recently voted most beautiful place in America, in a Good Morning America contest. So thanks for defending, I am too…also love the show, keep Valenti in line.


  2. Cindy Says:

    Way to go, Terry ! I love Michigan! People just don’t realize the beauty we have in Michigan. I’m stuck on Toledo these days, but will always be a Spartan girl at heart and Pistons fan until I die! Love the blog and the tweets!


  3. Cindy Says:

    Oops..stuck IN Toledo (unfortunately) not on.


  4. Derrick Says:

    Terry, thanks for the Blog. I’m glad you are discovering how awesome Michigan is.

    You definitely need to put Pictured Rocks near the top of your list for your family. I worked in Munising for the summer and discovered all the great places in the area. Do a day-hike, take the boat cruise, check out nearly a dozen waterfalls…it will have you wondering if you’re really still in Michigan I promise you. Then take the drive to Marquette for dinner and more exploring.


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