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Should we drink around the kids?

Written By: Terry Foster | August 16, 2011

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On Wednesday I plan on making a fire in the backyard and enjoy a couple glasses of wine with the neighbors.

I bring this up because the children will be there. My kids will be there along with the neighbor’s three children. It is an end of the summer celebration because we won’t be home the next three weekends because of soccer tournaments for my daughter Celine. We just want to make sure we enjoy the backyard with our friends one more time.

But I am going to do something I normally do not do. That is drink in front of the kids. I don’t know why I am hesitant to do it because parents do it all the time. And I think nothing of it. I do not believe it is strange to see a dad enjoy a beer over dinner with his family at a restaurant. I do not consider him a bad dad for doing it.

I’ve done it but I feel bad so I do not do it very often.

I have a wide range of drinkers in my family. I’ve got alcoholics and social drinkers. My father-in-law does not drink at all. In the past 20 years he’s had two sips of wine. One was at my wife Adrienne’s wedding. And he took another sip when his daughter Denise was married.

I never drink alone at home.  If I am alone by the fire pit I usually drink water. I am no saint because I love going out and shooting the breeze and knocking down a few brews. It is fun. But the kids are usually not around and it is a time and setting for adults.

What is your policy on drinking around the children?

Just curious to see if I am an odd ball or is this the norm?


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4 Responses to “Should we drink around the kids?”

  1. joseph Says:

    From the youths perspective it never bothered me when mom and dad had a glass of wine or dad had a beer because although I’ve sesh my parents drink many times I’ve never seen either of them drunk. As long as you don’t get so outside yourself your children notice it will not bother them. They just don’t want to see you drunk.


  2. gors123 Says:

    Terry it sounds like are using solid logic on when and where u choose to drink, which is more than I can say for most drinkers that I know!


  3. mike Says:

    I’m not much of a drinker, but I don’t see a problem with it. It might even be a good thing for the children to see alcohol consumed in a responsible manner. Enjoy a relaxing evening, T.


  4. Perry Says:

    I’m with you Terry. I don’t bring beer or wine into the house. I never thought drinking around my girls was a good idea. When I go to a game or out to eat, I’ll have a beer if the girls are not with me.


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