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Lions joy spreads across the state

Written By: Terry Foster | August 15, 2011

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-- The Detroit News

How much for Lions butter?

MACKINAW CITY — Fudge wasn’t the only thing selling briskly up here in this northern play land. Lions butter was selling briskly four and a half hours north of Detroit.

I can understand all the smiles outside Ford Field after the Lions 34-3 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals. The few fans that attended the game and jammed the casinos afterwards were at ground zero. They enjoyed a big weekend of Lions, Kid Rock and black jack. But the spread of joy was all over the state.

People wore their Lions gear here even in the rain and you heard talk of the Lions and Matthew Stafford and the gang all weekend. And it was just a preseason game. Folks are excited. They want to see this team win obviously, but I always hate to bring you the bad news. I will believe this until the day I die. Preseason games mean nothing.

Often games are decided by people we will never see play again. The encouraging part about this game is that the starters and backups who will play put their will on this game. Still that does not mean a hill of beans. Preseason football is one of the biggest jokes in sports. In fact, I hate preseason football.

The games are bad. The starters barely play and the whole goal is to get work and not get injured.

I remember a few years ago this town was on fire after the Lions completed a 4-0 preseason. They finished the regular season 0-16, becoming the first team to go win less in a 16-game schedule. The entire nation was laughing at us.

We talk alot about spreading Lions butter around town and how the price of it fluctuates after wins and losses. Well I went to purchase some when I returned home and had to take out a payment plan. That is how expensive it is. One of my friends went to Greek town Casino after the game and said people were besides themselves. Lions talk dominated and people were smiling from ear to ear.

Beating Cincinnati means nothing. It is the regular season that counts and nothing else. But enjoy yourselves.  Call me when the regular season begins.


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  1. Ryan Says:

    “Winless” is one word and “a lot” is two words. Good article though.


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