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Just say no even when you are sober

Written By: Terry Foster | August 11, 2011

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I might have saved my life this morning. Who knows?

My twice a week routine is to make the 40 minute drive from my home to visit trainer Melissa for our 5 am. workout in her Dearborn studio. I am usually semi-wake during the drive and I make sure I am alert by blasting satellite radio in my car. The music and talk is a nice companion.

It was different this morning. At 2 am this morning I was half sleep on my son Little B’s floor trying to keep the peace in the house. My daughter Celine was entertaining her friend Lauren during a sleep over and as often happens the small fry did not want to go to sleep. They were sneaking around at all hours of the night and I finally put a stop to it — or so I thought.

Brandon was sneaking out of his room into the girls’ room. So I acted as police officer and stood guard in his room.

When I woke up for my morning drive my body was shot. I am alert enough to peck out this blog but I know if I drive 40 minutes there and work out for an hour the drive back is going to be brutal. My body will shut down and I will be swerving in rush hour traffic.

So I am just saying no and shutting it down.

There is a lesson here somewhere. It’s that you don’t necessarily have to be drunk to be a menace on the road. We often hear people making smart decisions by turning over the keys to somebody else after drinking. Or they make the wrong decision by not turning over the keys and they hurt somebody.

I live a very busy life and sometimes I am tired. There are no booze involved. My body simply shut down because working two jobs and trying to raise a family knocked me out. I’ve pulled over and rested before. Or I’ve delayed trips because I believed there was a good chance I was not going to make it.

So sometimes you need to Just Say No, even when you are sober.


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2 Responses to “Just say no even when you are sober”

  1. Asaad Says:

    Driving tired is almost as bad as driving drunk. No matter what you should always be alert behind the wheel and if not stay home, its not worth it


  2. Ron Darlington Says:

    Just so my friend. I had a simular experience yesterday. I nodded off, if only briefly, at the wheel. Just trying to get too many things done and they were all for the family. My son was in the car and you can see the irony. Thanks for the prodding. Will do better next time.


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