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Sad about Ernie Harwell and plastic plates?

Written By: Terry Foster | August 9, 2011

Filed Under: Tigers

Ernie Harwell in the broadcast booth

My wife got a lump in her throat in the morning. I got mine later that night.

I thought mine was of more interest. I thought her special moment was kind of dumb. But I do understand it as I think back on it. She became sad while throwing away the kids old dishes. I got sad while notifying people of my new email address and former Tiger broadcaster Ernie Harwell’s old email address popped up.

I miss the guy. I miss his voice. I miss his friendship and I miss the way he made fans feel special. There will never be another Ernie Harwell, at least not in my life time. Aside from the wonderful way he painted Tiger games, he made time for everybody.

People can still hang onto memories of him through recordings and by snapping photos of his statue at Comerica Park.  It is not the same but it is all we’ve got.

I emailed Harwell after the news came out that he had cancer. It did not look good at the time.  He of course thanked me for my well wishes. I never tried to call or email him again. I knew he was going through a battle and he had enough well wishers and friends to keep him occupied.

My wife is a different story. She finally got rid of the plastic dishes with The Bear in the Big Blue House, Snow White and whatever cartoon characters we had. Celine is 11 and Brandon is 9 and those dishes played out a long time ago. She thought back to when they were first eating on plates and making messes around the house.

A tear came to her eye.

“You don’t feel anything,” she asked.

Not at all. They are just plates.

Now Ernie? That’s a different story.


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One Response to “Sad about Ernie Harwell and plastic plates?”

  1. Mike Bauer Says:

    So Terry, the plates did not get a contract extension?


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