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The missing bag

Written By: Terry Foster | August 7, 2011

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My boy did not deserve this

Here is the story of how five adults can be in one house but a nine year old gets thrown under the bus for forgetting to put a suit case in the car.

My saga begins Friday in East Lansing when the wife and two kids arrived to pick up my mother-in-law and bring her back to our house so we could attend a fundraiser at the Cranbrook science center Saturday night.  My wife wanted to do a stop and go. She was supposed to pick up her mother at 4:30 and drive back home. But when she arrived the mother was not there. She was having her nails done, something she could have done any time all week.

My wife lit the house on fire and when she does that people get scrambling. My father-in-law and brother-in-law were there. Two hours later the mother-in-law arrives and my wife is not happy. And I do not blame her.  My wife wants to leave immediately.

Now here is the jacked up thing. The bags were not even at the front door ready to go. They were in the bedroom. Also my mother in law took three bags for a two day trip. During the chaos the adults tell nine year old Brandon to go in the bedroom and get the bags. He saw two bags in the bed, got them and put them in the car.

He did not see the main suitcase which has been walked over and fell behind the bed.

When they got to my house they discovered the missing bag and tried to blame Brandon. The poor guy.

I of course had to drag my butt up to East Lansing Saturday morning cause the wife  had a hair appointment, the mother-in-law can’t drive long distances and the brother-in-law was caring for the sick father-in-law.  I was not happy but I remembered those marriage vows “for better and for worse.”

So I drove up there and returned home and had a day for me and my son. We went shopping, had lunch and just hung out before I had to go to the party. The boy deserved a treat for being thrown under the bus for adult mess ups.


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5 Responses to “The missing bag”

  1. Melvyn H Says:

    Why did your brother in law not grab the bags it sounds like he was the healthy male adult of that house so that should been his job and your son could have helped but not been responsible.

    Just let him know this is the first of many times when women mess up he will get blamed


  2. Dan Says:

    Nothing is ever anybody’s fault Terry, you know that. It’s easier to point the blame at someone else


  3. BID316 Says:

    Good call!

    Terry, you (finally) got one right! LOL!!

    I can’t tell you how many times that I have been thrown under the bus as a teen and pre-teen as a result of a “lack of clarity” on the behalf of adults (at school and at home).

    Worst-case scenario: You are responsible for your possessions, You are in a position to check and double-check that YOUR RESPONSIBILITY is taken care of. You can’t even think of blaming a child!

    Weak sauce!


  4. Downriver Says:

    Hearing that story no wonder why you keep all those other women downriver. LOL


  5. David Dow Says:

    Right on Terry, way to stick up for your son. I have been on both sides of this issue and do not like having been on the “blame the kid” side ever.

    Honestly, there have been times when I should have done more, paid attention more and wound up blaming one or more of my kids for failures I caused by not parenting correctly or enough.

    Thanks for sharing.


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