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Lions training camp means the beginning of football

Written By: Terry Foster | August 5, 2011

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The Valenti and Foster show talks to Lions WR Calvin Johnson

ALLEN PARK — It was hot and sticky, but that is OK. Sweat poured down my face and into my eyes, temporarily blinding me. But I did not mind.

Lions training camp is back and all seems right with the world. The official, official end of the lock out occurred Thursday afternoon when all of the free agents and previously unsigned players trotted out in unison for Lions practice. The team is now 90 strong and working toward bringing respectable football back to Detroit.

I love football. I love the drama. I love the anticipation and I love the every week grind and story lines that play out during the season. That is why it was a joy to do the Valenti and Foster Show Thursday afternoon from Lions training camp with the fans. I would love if we visited more times this preseason.

The fans were excited and the players were excited. It’s time to get going.

What makes it better is that the Lions should be pretty good this season. I’m not buying into the Peter King “might” Super Bowl prediction. But I believe this team will play meaningful games in December. If they win some of those games who knows what might happen. If they somehow sneak into the playoffs, this place would be electric.

Do you remember the playoffs? Those are games you play when the 16 game season is complete. If you go unbeaten in the playoffs you become Super Bowl champion. I wanted to remind Lion fans what the playoffs are because it has been more than a decade since this team played in the post season. Thank you Matt Millen. Have a bad day please.

That is way too long and it is an ugly streak that must stop. Good teams should make the playoffs every third season on average.  When Millen was finally fired I predicted that this would be the Lions near miss season and in 2012 they’d make the playoffs.  It is OK if they want to do things one year early.

Football is back and that makes me smile even in this hot weather.


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2 Responses to “Lions training camp means the beginning of football”

  1. Michael Ericksob Says:

    Amen, Terry ! I can’t wait to see what a full season will be like with a healthy Matthew Stafford ! I’m pretty positive about the lions this season, I might even buy some Lions gear this year ! Have a good one Terry….And if your out there reading Matt Millen, thank you for the memories you moron !


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