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The battle cry over booty shorts

Written By: Terry Foster | August 3, 2011

Filed Under: Family, Life, Parenthood

If you followed me on twitter Tuesday you know I spent much of the day at the mall shopping for an outfit for a Saturday fundraiser.

I also like to people watch. And one of the galling sights was that of very young teenagers wearing what my kids call booty shorts. They are these teeny tiny pants that hug the booty and not much else. The young girls love to wear them I assume to attract boys. When I saw them I immediately turned into old man and dad.

My daughter Celine turns 12 in a month which means I am not that far away from fighting her with a possible  issue. It might not be the booty shorts in two or three years but it will be something else that will want me to toss rat poison down my throat. and die. My son Brandon claims kids in the sixth grade are wearing them.  My little policeman also said some boys wear them. I laughed. I then googled it and he was right.

What is this world coming to?

When I saw these girls I vowed that my baby won’t wear them. But how do you stop it as a parent?

What do you do when you are faced with the age-old argument that “everybody else allows their kids to wear them?” I know I pulled that card when I wanted to wear a T-shirt with a pistol on it. I know what I was told. We are not everybody else.

Parents battling kids over outer wear happens every generation. There were hot pants, mini skirts, poodle skirts, tight pants, low cut blouses, go go boots, long hair and the Afro. I am sure if you went back to the gladiator days some young girl fought her dad over wearing a low cut protector plate.

My aunt said she is convinced my cousin used to leave the house with one change of clothes and go to school in another. Will my kid do that? She might. I have to be careful. I need to let her know I do not approve of certain clothing but I cannot become an ogre while doing that.

Is that even possible? You cannot be nice all the time with children if you want to hit something home.

I guess we dads just want our little daughters to remain perfect little angels.


I guess that is not possible.


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4 Responses to “The battle cry over booty shorts”

  1. Dave Jakes Says:

    You can always send your kids to a school that requires a uniform. That takes care of that battle until graduation.


  2. weather in kirkintilloch Says:

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  3. Asie Morris Says:

    Boys in booty shorts? I can’t see a boy doing that willingly, but times have changed. I remember being made to wear those little ‘Jack Tripper’ shorts like the Pistons used to wear, but that was before the longer more stylish shorts came into style. I agree with Dave James, send your kids to schools that require uniforms.


  4. Esmeralda Says:

    Really? I noticed this too and it makes me sick. I’m 28 years old and have never dressed inappropriately. It’s like these girls are pretty much in their underwear or swim suits still. And they are 11 years old at that. Even younger!!! Why would any American mother let their daughter degrade themselves. I would let your wife handle this on the grounds that you are the dad and know nothing about girls modern fashion. :)


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