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Out of the closet, into the garbage bag

Written By: Terry Foster | August 2, 2011

Filed Under: Life

Today I am donating two giant garbage bags filled with men’s clothes. And the question I have is why did I have so much unwanted clothing in the first place?

We buy and buy and buy some more. At the time the T-shirt with a penguin on the front smoking a joint  seemed like a good idea, but some of this stuff I wore once and never wore again. When I was tossing all these shirts and pants out I sort of felt like a woman. Aren’t they the ones that horde clothes?

I invoked the two-year rule. If I didn’t wear it the past two years it was gone. That included 50 items at least. I probably could have thrown out 25 more items but I want to give plaid shirt one more chance.

I have a medium sized walk in closet with double rows of hanging space and more room to hang ties, shoes and belts. It should be plenty of room for my clothes. But clothes were lying on the floor and the place began to look like a pig pen. I was walking over underwear and tossing them from pile to pile.

One of my problems is I love to shop for clothes. Most guys don’t but I confess it is one of my guilty pleasures. In fact I am excited because today I must purchase a “summer chic” out fit for a charity event I am part of at Cranbrook Saturday night. All I have to do is walk around, glad hand people and talk sports while raising money for their cause.

I am happy to do it. The problem is what the hell is summer chic? I will tell you what summer chic is. It is some light weight, light colored outfit that will seem like a good time when I buy it. But in two years I will be back in the same stuffy closet and toss it in the pile for the Salvation Army.


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