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Why not Wyandotte?

Written By: Terry Foster | July 30, 2011

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Mayor Joseph Peterson and Natalie Rankine, Downriver Development Authority Director

WYANDOTTE — Do you want to know how cool the mayor of this river side community is?

I’d vote for him even if he were running against Janet Jackson in her prime. He’s got this city on lock down and it was fun meeting him during my bar tour here. I met the Mayor in Lions & Tigers & Beers as the city rolled out the red carpet for me and my friends during a lovely evening. I posted photos on twitter and face book to let you see what a swell time we had.

We also hit Do Hickeys, The Oak Cafe and I enjoyed a cigar at Sticks where I met a dude who picked out my cigar and a smooth tasting scotch to enjoy along with it.

And the Downriver honeys were out in force. The Mayor and I have something in common. We both love tall girl. I don’t know who she is but I had to take a photo of her and chat before our evening came to an end. If she said take me to Paris I would have been on delta.com in a heart beat. I like those tall girls. It is my weakness.

And the short ones were not bad either.

This was all set up by Jason Ptak who is from the area and knows everything there is about Wyandotte. He sent a party bus to Oakland County where we piled in for our tour. The party included Pistons beat writer Vinnie Goodwill and Johnny Walker Black whose daughter plays soccer with Celine.  My pal Cori brought a friend but the bummer is my Sports Illustrated swim suit model pal Ellen Coleman contacted me too late and missed out.

She wants her own Downriver tour.

We enjoyed our mini version of the movie “Hangover. We made it to a cigar bar, the Wyandotte Fire Department, talked to the police and just had a hell of a time.

This was the first visit to Wyandotte for my friends. The Mayor and everybody else are proud of their city and wanted to show it off.  It is a long way for many of you who read this blog but it is worth the trip. I am lucky because I get to sample much of Metro Detroit because of my jobs. However, most people do not venture out of their comfort zone.

If you live in Royal Oak you rarely venture outside of your area. Macomb County people hang on the east side. Our common bond is downtown Detroit. However, I do encourage people to venture outside their comfort zone. You never know what you will find.

If you come to Wyandotte you might even run into the Mayor. He’ll be the guy strolling Biddle Ave making sure everybody is having a great time.

On my next post I will write about the cuisine of Wyandotte.



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5 Responses to “Why not Wyandotte?”

  1. Perry Says:

    Terry, you’ve got a damn Yankee hat on. Come on man!


  2. mike Says:

    That would be Jason not Jeff.


  3. bob Says:

    God, come on terry spell check at least?


  4. Denise Says:

    Glad you enjoyed our little city and our Mayor. Come back anytime! :D


  5. Armand Broadhurst Says:

    hello,guy,your blog is really good!


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