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Downriver party bus to Wyandotte

Written By: Terry Foster | July 28, 2011

Filed Under: Life, Travel

I can tell that Jason Ptak is proud of Wyandotte. He is helping bring one of my twitter wars to life by sending a party bus to Oakland County to pick up some of my friends for a Downriver party bus tour.
He said Wyandotte is one of Detroit’s hidden gems and he is going to show it off to us this Friday as we tour at least four of the city’s finest places.  The first stop is Lions, Tigers and Beers  (7:30 p.m.)which will be followed by The Oak, Do Hickey’s and a surprise stop. I don’t know where the surprise stop is be but I am hoping it represents Downriver with fun people and a good atmosphere.
It is Fifth Friday in Wyandotte and hopefully there will be a lot of people out and about on Biddle Street.
How did this all happen?
It began with a twitter war staged during the Tigers 2-1 loss Wednesday to the Chicago White Sox. I tweeted that I was so upset with the Tigers lethargic performance that I needed a Downriver bar tour to cheer me up. I asked people where I should or should not go and they gave me places to hit and places to avoid.
I do hang Downriver now and then. I’ve been to Malarkey’s, Mallies, Nick’s Taproom, Screwie Louie’s, The Bronx and Do Hickeys. There are other spots but I cannot remember them right now.
But Jason wants to show off Wyandotte and I eagerly accepted his invitation. I’ve gathered about 10 of my friends from Detroit and Oakland County and none of them go Downriver. One of my friends Cori is excited. She wants to experience something new and if she likes it she is sure to return.
We tend to stay in our own areas. It is rare that you find somebody from Oakland County hanging Downriver. And when was the last time you ran into somebody from Downriver in Macomb County? It just does not happen.
My friends rarely cross borders and are looking for a new adventure and can’t wait for the evening to begin.
I am taking my camera and promise to take a lot of photos which I will post here and on my face book page. So watch for that. I will let you know what devilment we get into this weekend on this blog.

Two Downriver party animals at LTB

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6 Responses to “Downriver party bus to Wyandotte”

  1. Mark Knope Says:

    DOH! Too bad it’s THIS weekend, Terry – Wyandotte is also MY hometown (of which I’m very proud) and I’m also friends with Jason, as well – unfortunately, I’m leaving in the morning for a flight to Phoenix (to participate in The Michael Finney Foundation’s DRY HEAT CLASSIC!)

    Have fun – I know you will – I was just AT The Oak on Tuesday evening and I’m good friends with everyone at LTB’s! (LTB’s is where I do my annual TOYS 4 TOTS comedy fundraiser in December…)

    Party on, Terry – enjoy The ‘DOTTE!


    • Terry Foster Says:

      Thank you for the kind words of welcome to Wyandotte Mark. I am sure my group will be shown a good time and I look forward to the evening. I must remember to take my camera so we can take lots of photos for the blog. Enjoy your trip and remind me of the fundraiser in December. Let me see if I can slide by.


  2. Gerg on a cell Says:

    Hey Terry, How about posting those pictures on Twitter? That way my brother-in-law and I can check them out while at Comerica watching the cause of your Wyandotte tour.


  3. Chantal Says:

    Don’t forget to request the best waitress at LTB’S Dominique!!!!


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