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My trip to Hell

Written By: Terry Foster | July 25, 2011

Filed Under: driving, Parenthood

On Sunday I went to hell and back. And I took the kids with me.

My daughter Celine read about Hell, Michigan the other day and was dying to go there to see what it was like. The name tickled her and so I surprised the kids with a spur of the moment trip. It is not that far away(we got there in under and hour) and we’d finished our yard work so I thought it would be fun.

There isn’t really much to Hell so our visit was short. There is “Screams Ice Cream” , Hell Country Store and Spirits, The Dam Site Inn and a chapel in case you really want to go to hell by getting married. I am told that the food at the Dam Site Inn is delicious but we’d already eaten lunch by the time we went to Hell. You can also rent canoes.

We bought T-shirts and a snow globe to commemorate our trip. I was recognized by two people which caused my son Little B to quip: “They even know you in hell dad.” Hopefully that won’t be the case in my after life.

There were two weird happenings once we got to Hell. First my car would not shut off. That was strange and got me thinking the place might be haunted. And secondly we saw a wedding party take photos in Hell Creek. That guy married a pistol. Any woman that splashes in a creek in her wedding gown is OK by me. Other than that it was a non eventful stay. The fun stuff is actually outside of Hell.

Pinckney looks like it has a couple interesting restaurants and might be worth a trip to take your honey buns out for dinner. And we stopped for ice cream at Capt’n Freeze and I splurged and had the best strawberry short cake I’d had in a while.

Do not go out of your way. But if you have nothing to do and just want to say you’ve been there, then go to Hell.


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2 Responses to “My trip to Hell”

  1. MiRun262 Says:

    The place you had ice cream is “Cap’n Frosty”. Best ice cream in the area. Behind Screams Ice Cream is also a miniature golf course. Glad you had fun while visiting Livingston County.


  2. Pam Pugh Says:

    Hey Terry
    My daughters and I came home to Michigan (my family is from Jackson) with my parents in June and we HAD to go to Hell….the girls have been dying (ha!) to go for as long as they’ve understood that Mommy is NOT from the south, even though both of them were born way below the Mason-Dixon line. Since coming back to South Carolina after vacation, we’ve all worn our Hell shirts around town and have gotten the best responses from them; most of them coming from ex-patriots like myself. Sigh. Coming home to Michigan was something I’ve been trying to get done for the last 10 years…this trip was great. Went to Comerica, had a tour of The Palace, ate pasties, chocolate crescents from Hinkley’s Bakery, went to The Parlour in Jackson TWICE….oooh, it was a good time! And we’ve got a family photo from Hell in the exact spot you took your shot of Celine & Little B. : )


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