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Magical keys

Written By: Terry Foster | July 23, 2011

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Sometimes it is good to be lucky.

Friday night I met Detroit News sports writers Chris McCoskey and Bob Wojnowski for a few drinks and Tigers baseball at Doc’s Sports Retreat in Livonia. I was slightly late because I could not find my set of keys which includes keys to the house, my wife’s car and the office at 971 The Ticket.

I gave up my search and left the door unlocked and went to meet the men. We talked shop and watched the Tigers beat up on the Minnesota Twins. Drunk people came up to say hello and we said hello right back to them. We were there for about three hours when we decided to call it an evening.

We walked to the car and were finishing up our conversation when I shook hands with the men by my car. I turned and saw something strange on the top of my car.

It was my set of keys. They survived a 2o minute ride from my house to Doc’s, which included a 70 miles per hour ride on I-275. I had placed them on top of the car in the garage before Sometimes you cannot explain things.

I was very lucky.


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3 Responses to “Magical keys”

  1. Willy Says:

    Put your car keys on that chain and it won’t happen again.


  2. Rob Says:

    Karma T-Fost. You’re a good, honest guy, so you deserve a good luck break every now and then!


  3. Joe Says:

    Be sure to let Karsch know. Maybe his are on the roof too…


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