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Did Venus Williams want to win this little sister match?

Written By: Terry Foster | September 9, 2015

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I  watched with interest as sisters Venus Williams and Serena Williams slugged it our in the quarterfinals of the United States Opening in Flushing Meadows Tuesday night.

The match was interesting and entertaining and both Williams sisters put forth a great effort and made terrific shots and served balls I could not even see. It looked like Venus and Serena wanted this match badly.

However, this is a match Venus could not win. Her sister is going for history. She wants to win a calendar grand slam, something that has not been doing in women’s tennis since Steffi Graff did it in 1988. Serena was going for the Hall of Fame. She was going for something few women can reach for.

Did Venus really want to win? I am sure she did but what would the family conversation be if she won and Serena lost her shot at history?

I am sure she wanted to win but there was some doubt in the back of her mind. It just had to be there.

On the other hand don’t we always want to beat little brother? Or in this case little sister? We want to do it in the backyard, the basketball court and even in front of millions as you battle on center court.

Venus sure looked like she wanted to win. But did she really?


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