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Opening school day hustle

Written By: Terry Foster | September 8, 2015

Filed Under: Parenthood

A Foster tradition continued as the alarm clock refused to go off on the first day of school.

Maybe we forgot to set it. Maybe we set it to PM rather than AM. I am not sure what explanation my wife gave. I just know we woke up a few minutes late, creating a category 4 storm called Hurricane Abs. My wife swept through the house waking everybody and I believe she created $25,000 in damage to our house and $150,000 to the neighborhood.

The National Guard has been called.

Celine did not care. She took her sweet time because she is trying to look cute for boys. It takes time to paint a face on.

Welcome to the first day of school where parents are scrambling across the nation. Things do not always go right. Breakfast is cold or burnt. People are running out of the house like their pants are on fire. And older kids get that look of disgust as parents want to chronicle the day with a photo before they step out the door.

When they are young it is such a happy day. Parents hold the kids’ hands. They talk real slow and soft. My kids are 13 and nearly 16. It turns into a scream fest as you try to get them out of bed. I am sure it is a shock to the system. It is the first time our kids have been up before noon since school ended in June.

We saw two accidents on the way to school and traffic was heavier as the school busses muscle their way on the roads. Vacation is done and we are back to normal.

Enjoy the first day. The grind begins.


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