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Robber: “I only rob white people.”

Written By: Terry Foster | September 5, 2015

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I suppose I should feel safe if Brandon Lamar Williams approached me with guns in both hands.

I should not worry about him taking my car or swiping my watch because he only robs white people. Yep, that is what he said according to an FBI report. Thankfully, the guy is behind bars.

He robbed two guys in Rouge Park on Detroit’s west side. The report does not reveal their race but I am going to assume they were both white. Williams demanded a black bag, two rings and an Apple watch from the first man. He then squeezed the trigger three times at the second guy but the gun jammed. He then proceeded to hit the second guy with the guy, breaking his nose.

Williams then drove off in the Ford Fusion he was hi-jacking. However, this turned into an episode of America’s dumbest criminals when this Bozo forgot to disengage the parking break. Do you know how he found out? A guy walking by told him.

Williams pointed the gun at the good Samaritan who immediately raised his hands in surrender.

“Oh you good, I only rob white people,” Williams told the man.

Don’t worry white people. If you are hanging with me and we run into Williams, I got your back. I will simply say you are with me. I am sure Williams would let us both go.


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