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Police lives matter too

Written By: Terry Foster | August 31, 2015

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A few weeks ago I talked about a war that has broken out in our country.

It is black males against mostly white police officers. And this war will continue until we figure out how to give black males hope in life.

It will continue until we stamp out hate, bigotry, racism and this racial divide that many of you ignore.

It played out over the weekend when a black male Shannon Miles murdered a Houston Police officer Darren Goforth. It is a tragic killing, one that never should happen. He killed him simply because Goforth was a police officer.

There will be more attempts because the root of this war has not been solved. It hasn’t even been discussed. And it probably never will be discussed because people are so afraid to touch the subject of race in this country. Now it is a growing problem.

Here is one of our divides.

Black lives matter. But many whites don’t buy into it. They simply say if the guy did not commit a crime he would not be at risk.

Police lives matter but you have a large number of blacks that don’t buy into it. In fact you are likely to get attacked by black folks when you begin talking about “All lives matter.”

So what do we do?

Screaming at each other does not solve the problem. Ignoring this war does not solve anything either. Problems just don’t go away.

This won’t go away until we begin solving the economic and educational shortfalls in the black community. This does not go away until you sell hope in inner cities. If you have hope in your life, chances are you won’t rob, murder and risk your future. If there is no hope, then you are more likely to do dumb things.

Finally we have this great divide we need to solve.

Blacks are rightly upset by the murders of black males by mostly white police. Whites for the most part do not see the outrage.

Whites are rightly upset by the recent murders of police officers. Many blacks are not outraged.

So how do we solve this?

Ignoring the problem does not help.


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