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Whatever happened to romance?

Written By: Terry Foster | July 22, 2011

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When I was growing up we made love to women. We did it in our songs and we did it in real life.

Now I am listening to the radio and I hear somebody singing: “Tonight I’m F ing you!! Wooooo! Ohhh! Ohh! Tonight I’m F ing you! yeeeeeeee!! Heeeeee!”

Now that is as raw as it gets. But I want to know whatever happened to love? Do we no longer make love as a society?

I am used to love songs like “When a man loves a woman.”

“Killing me softly with his love.” “I will always love you” and “Fly me to the moon.”

Now songs are asking us to pull out the chain saw, wrenches and a blender and F somebody tonight. Get that bitch and handle her. That is too raw for me.

 There were no males in my house while growing up. I was always taught to treat women with respect and to handle them with care. That carried over to my dating where I loved to do things with slow passion. I wanted to savor every moment and I wanted the woman to enjoy herself.

It aways seemed to work. I’d run into a woman who wanted me to grab her ears and go at it. I tried to make it work but for the most part I like gentle and passion. However, whatever works for you go for it.

One of the most romantic weekends I had was in California. I dated this woman who lived out there and we met in San Francisco. She flew in from her home and I flew in from Detroit. We met for lunch and went to her room. She put soft decorations on the wall, the celing and the room was filled with candles and flowers. It just felt right. It was soft and romantic and we enjoyed our weekend.

So when you are with your man or woman, what is your choice?

Do you want somebody to F you tonight? Or do you want them to “Love me Tender?”


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2 Responses to “Whatever happened to romance?”

  1. Motorcity Smitty Says:

    I agree with you TFost, men need to show their women that the truly care about them. Sure I like a good hardcore romp with the one you love every now and again, but that love me tender kind of lovin is where it’s at. It let’s you know that you are admired by your lover and that they really appreciate everything you do and are going to do. So gentelman, tear that ass up now and then, but do a complete job and make some love to the women you love, you will find that the sex is on a whole nother level.


  2. Ian Says:

    Hey Terry, I agree with you. Being a 23 year old male, I find it very hard to listen to that kind of music and contribute to conversations with dudes my age when they talk about Fing chicks. It’s all about the romance my friend. Treat a gal right and she will do the same for you. Thanks for voicing your opinion, always love hearing/reading what you have to say.


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