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Cris Carter spoke the truth about the fall guy

Written By: Terry Foster | August 25, 2015

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Hall of Fame wide receiver Cris Carter introduced many of you to the harsh realities of professional sports and it was uncomfortable to watch.

During a 2014 NFL rookie symposium he told players to get a fall guy to take the legal heat off of players if they get in trouble. Carter knew that some of those players in the room would ignore his message of staying out of trouble. They would continue to hang with a large crew and would be accused of crimes.

Players have fall guys to take the heat for them. It is better for someone in the crew who is making $15 an hour to take the rap for someone making $6 million a year. You cannot remove that money making cog from the equation.

Carter has apologized for his words and ESPN issued a statement saying they disagree with him because the network must remain in the good graces of the NFL. It wasn’t the brightest thing to say but Carter told us what has been going on in the league for years. And by the way let’s hope he is not fired for his words. Carter keeps it real whether he is talking about culture or the game on the field.

Do you remember the Wolf in Pulp Fiction? He cleans up messes. Many professional and some college teams have a Wolf. Player gets in trouble. The Wolf comes in and fixes it so it does not get to the media. I know of one local player that refused to pay his tab at a local strip club. He walked out in angry and was about to get busted.



The Wolf came in, paid the tab and sprinkled more hush money to keep things quiet. The public and media never got wind of it.

Unfortunately one of the biggest fall guys are wives and girlfriends. Player gets angry, smacks the living hell out of his woman and the police are called.

The next thing you know the athlete becomes the victim as the woman becomes the fall guy and said she attacked him and that poor old Bo was just defending himself. It’s a shame, but that is the reality of sports. The cash cow must continue to produce money whether he is hanging with his posse or punching out his woman.



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2 Responses to “Cris Carter spoke the truth about the fall guy”

  1. Johnson Says:

    So, you’re cool with Carter telling players to commit a crime to cover up for other crimes, but will kill a guy speaking his mind on God. Wow…


    • Terry Foster Says:

      I did not kill Glover Quinn for speaking his mind on God. I said I disagreed with it but I did not kill the man and support him saying it. I simply am pointing out that Carter un Earthed something that the NFL knows about and has supported for years.


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