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Collecting baseball cards is a lost art

Written By: Terry Foster | August 24, 2015

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It took me a few days to forgive Granny after she threw out 1,500 of my Topps baseball cards when I was in college.

Like many  boys I collected baseball cards and thought they might be worth something later in life. But one day they were gone and granny said they were cluttering up the basement even though I had them stashed on a shelf out of the way of everything. I was mad for a few days but you always forgive Granny, who I called Mother Dear.

I thought about my story after a few thousand baseball cards were discovered in an old factory in Detroit. At first we thought the cards were worth millions even though that no longer seems to be the case. Collecting baseball cards used to be a rite of passage. I’d spend a nickel or dime to buy baseball cards that came with a chalky piece of chewing gum that broke in pieces when you bit into it. I hated that gum but chewed it any way simply because that is what kids did.

We’d run to the dime store about two miles from the house when we got extra money. Or I would beg for a few coins to purchase baseball cards. I do not know if I had anything of value. I did have stars like Hank Aaron, Tom Seaver and an old Mickey Mantle.

I do have full sets of NBA cards that were given to me as Pistons beat writer in 1988 and 1989. Maybe there is a jewel in there although I doubt it.

Do kids collect baseball cards like they used to? I am sure some do but it seems to be a lost art outside of collectors who do it for a living. My son Brandon has no interest in it. I offered to start him off a few years ago and was rejected. He’d rather collect I-Tune gift cards.

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