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Dumb move to leave tackling dummy RG III in the game

Written By: Terry Foster | August 21, 2015

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This is why you do not leave valuable players in NFL preseason games.

Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III sustained a concussion during their 21-17 preseason game against the Lions Thursday night and who knows what his immediate future holds. Were the reps in a meaningless game really going to help? Couldn’t he have played one quarter, maybe, and then work out the kinks during three more weeks of practice?

Griffin should not have been in the game when Lions defensive lineman Corey Wootton fell on top of him as Griffin attempted to recover a fumble on a third and 16 play. That is a bad move by head coach Jay Gruden.

“Football is a tough sport,” Gruden said. “We wanted to get something going offensively. Unfortunately it didn’t work out.”

The offensive line did not work out either. The Lions used RG III as a battering ram, sacking him three times, and making life rough for him. I understand you want some reps. However, it was obviously things were not working out. It was best for Washington to call it a day and get this man ready for another day.

This is why preseason is mostly a waste and the main objective is to keep people healthy. Lions quarterback Matthew Stafford has played three series in two games. Calvin Johnson has yet to see the field. I think both will be ready when the regular season begins.

And maybe RG III will be ready. Then again maybe he won’t.

Bad move.

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