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Down goes Ashley Madison

Written By: Terry Foster | August 20, 2015

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There is no privacy on the Internet.

If you don’t believe me then how would you like to be a client of AshleyMadison.com which sold affairs to married couples? Millions are freaking out as hackers release the email addresses of clients who thought they were secretly going behind the backs of wives and husbands and having sex with somebody else’s wife or husband.

They will be exposed. The list will include politicians and judges, actors and actresses. They will be people from every day walks of life. Imagine if your spouse found out you were one of the 37 million users. At minimum you are embarrassed and must explain yourself. At maximum you can lose your marriage and disrupt your family.

Life is short, have an affair is the catchy slogan Ashley Madison used. Now it can be “You had an affair. Now you are busted.”

This was all supposed to be private and a secret. Now it is not. My guess is Ashley Madison will die a quick death. How can you trust it now?


Divorce lawyer Raoul Felder told the New York Post that this is the best thing to happen to his profession since the seventh commandment came out. Do not commit adultery.

Becoming a divorce lawyer might be a good career move because these people are going to get a lot of business. And how about the lawsuits when clients go before judges and say “I was a lying and cheating SOB, but I am still suing because I have the right to be a private lying and cheating SOB.”

Let the party begin.



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