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There is no harm in a particiation trophy

Written By: Terry Foster | August 17, 2015

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I spent the past few days looking for soccer trophies and ribbons to decorate the new and improved Foster basement.

Many of the kids’ ribbons were participation trophies, rewards for finishing a season or tournament but failing to win a championship. Unlike Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker James Harrison I allowed my kids to keep their ribbons. There really is no harm.

We don’t win all the time. But we make an effort that is rewarding in its own right. It is something for the kids to look back on when they get older. Once again what is the harm?

Harrison took his boys participation trophies away. One is six years old and the other is eight. He said the kids did not earn the trophies simply because they tried their best. As a father he has a right to do as he pleases. I disagree with him. They are young boys playing at an age where some leagues do not keep score. The goal is to teach kids the game.  Parents always say they are trying to make their kids tougher and they want to teach life lessons.

I believe otherwise. The parents are not doing what is best for the kid. They are doing what is best for them. They are living through their kids.

There are times in sports where you have no chance of winning simply because another team has more money, recruits better athletes and is better organized. So they deserve all the rewards?

Harrison probably has a varsity letter for high school football. He probably did not win a championship every time he got a varsity letter. Isn’t that a participation trophy? How many times do you see high school athletes proudly wear their varsity jackets after failed seasons?

In the Olympics athletes receive silver and bronze medals. They did not win anything. Are those participation trophies?

None of the participation trophies were included in the final display in the Foster basement. Only championship trophies were. We know the difference. If the kids want to throw away participation ribbons, that is fine. But let it be their choice.


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