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Add on fees get expensive and tricky

Written By: Terry Foster | August 16, 2015

Filed Under: Life

I had a dream last night that I went Chipotle for a burrito and  a soft drink.

My total came to $10 but the person added a $17 association fee making my total with tax around $30. I asked what the fee was for and the person behind the counter said it was to send its employees to college. I protested but signed the credit card receipt any way and grumbled all the way to the table.

Of course this did not really happen. But how many times do we just accept things and pay it in a restaurant, hotel, department store or the grocery store? The worst is the cell phone bill where they add five different charges that don’t even make sense. I once got charged 75 cents for a government duplication fee. We get nickel and dimed all the time and there isn’t much we can do about it.

Have you gotten the $99 rate at a hotel? It sounds great until they zap you with local tax, state tax, resort fees and the world famous “we can just do this because you don’t know better” fee. The next thing you know, you are paying $128 a night, if you are lucky.

Here is a test for you. How much does a $3 burger, plus $2 fries and $3 shake cost? If you say $8 you are wrong unless you have just having the burger patty. If you want onion, cheese, pickle, mustard and ketchup that burger can cost you as much as $8 by itself.

Most of the things I buy in life I can afford. It gets tricky when all the fees they don’t tell you about upfront are added on.


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One Response to “Add on fees get expensive and tricky”

  1. Denise Spring Says:

    The worst bunch of fees I’ve encountered have been the extra $200 I pay for each college class. My class was $400, but I paid $629 for it. And it was ONLINE!


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