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The man’s room becomes the shared room

Written By: Terry Foster | August 11, 2015

Filed Under: Family, Life, Parenthood

The former man’s room is Carolina Blue, a shade of pink and purple and bronze. It has bean bag chairs and tributes to my children Celine and Brandon.

There is a tribute to blues music and my deceased cousin Miss Boots. There is a tribute to my son and daughter’s contributions on the athletic field and in the class room.

The basement is no longer the man’s room. It is more like a family room or perhaps we can call it the shared room. After all of these years of this being my sanctuary I wanted to share. I wanted the kids to have a place to entertain and enjoy themselves. I can still go down there and escape and be to myself.

My office remains downstairs. I even created a small study in the main basement but I wanted to share because I know Celine only has a few years left before she runs off college and then a life of her own. And even though Brandon is still a year away from high school, he is not that far behind.  He will be gone in  blink of an eye also.

I’ve spent the past month working on the basement in advance of Celine’s 16th birthday party. We will take some of her friends to her favorite restaurant Bravo’s and then the girls will sleep over in the basement. It will be the official grand opening of the shared room.

I finished the basement with a bathroom, storage room and office for me to work in. But the main part was the man’s room where I could entertain friends and relax and watch television. At the time the kids were afraid to go down in the basement because basements are scary and make noise. They have monsters in them.

But the kids realize that is all myth and they are no longer afraid of it. We shared the room and it was great. I enjoyed talking to them down there and helping them with their home work.

I suppose if I am in a mean mood and want to kick them out I could. But I don’t want to.

I want to share the room with my people.


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