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Don’t shoot or you run the risk

Written By: Terry Foster | August 10, 2015

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Hands up don’t shoot.

We’ve heard it a million times after the Ferguson shooting.

The don’t shoot part is very important even if the police are on the other side of the gun. On the one year anniversary of the Michael Brown shooting someone made things worse by firing several shots at the police Sunday night. The suspect who was identified by his father as Tyrone Harris Jr. is reportedly a friend of Browns.

You can see a video of  someone firing several shots at the police before fleeing. A photographer saw him lying on the ground after being shot by police. He is reportedly in critical condition.

“Why did they have to do this,” one woman screamed. “Why did they kill my brother?”

Don’t shoot.

Unless I get more information you won’t find me screaming in anger as I have other unarmed blacks who were killed by the police. If you are violent towards authority you run the risk of being injured badly. If you are violent towards your neighbor or a stranger you run the same risk.

I do believe black lives are not as valued as white lives and it is one reason why we have this epidemic in this country. However, two wrongs don’t make a right.

Black lives do matter. But so do the lives of the Police.

Why did the police shoot this young man?

He shot. He put himself at risk.



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