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Donald Trump, Bo and Woody

Written By: Terry Foster | July 31, 2015

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I admit that I turn on the television every morning just to see what Donald Trump did and said the previous night and see who he insulted. I do not know who else is running for president on the Republican side. Trump is a black hole and sucks all of air out of the other candidates.

** I am too saddened by the killing of Cecil the Lion. But I sometimes wish we had the same compassion for innocent human beings that are murdered.

** I think I figured out why we are having a battled between those who say ”Black Lives Matter” and “All Lives Matter.” They are both right and wrong. All Lives do matter but those people are missing the point that it is the black life that is under attack and seems to be less important to police, the public and even black people.

The Black Lives matter folks are trying to bring attention to a huge problem in this country. But it does not make you racist when you want to point out that all lives matter.

** The Tigers officially do not have a closer although I trust Alex Wilson in the role more than anyone else. Joakim Soria and Joe Nathan were both busts. And Bruce Rondon is trending that way.

** There is a new and disturbing trend that is happening way too often. People are leaving their kids in 90-100 degree cars and the kids are suffering. What are these parents thinking? Often they are just being lazy. On a hot day take the kids in the store with you. I did. My fear often was not the heat. I did not want some sick predator taking my child.

If I see a  kid in a car by themselves I am saying something.

** There is something exciting about the opening of training camp for the Lions, Michigan and Michigan State football. There won’t be any meaningful games for at least six weeks but the men are back sweating and getting ready for another interesting season.

** Big Ten football is more interesting than its been in a while. You have Urban Meyer, Mark Dantonio and Jim Harbaugh in one division. I wonder if these three men can top the 10-year war between Woody Hayes and Bo Schembechler?

** Speaking of Bo. Here are the top five athletes or coaches that yelled at me because they did not like something I wrote. Bo Schembechler, Isiah Thomas, Brett Perriman, Rod Marinelli and Bill Laimbeer.

** Enjoy your weekend.

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