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Tigers reboot should mean new thinking

Written By: Terry Foster | July 30, 2015

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Whenever my computer acts slow or sluggish I give it a breather and reboot.

That essentially is what the Tigers are doing when General Manager Dave Dombrowski said the team needs a reboot. This goes beyond possibly trading David Price, Joakim Soria or Yoenis Cepedes. There needs to be a different mind set with the team moving forward.

A reboot is also rethinking things. It means being smarter with money and trying to build a team from the ground up.

The Tigers won’t have a top three payroll any more. I believe this team is going to ask Dombrowski or its next GM to find bargains that can play instead of lower priced players that cannot play. The star power will still be there. Hopefully the scrub factor will be reduced.

Here is the key question. Dombrowski will begin the reboot. Do you want him finishing it? He has been here 14 years and has done a good job with the team. That is a long time and even though this is risky I believe the Tigers need a new voice and a new direction. That is part of the reboot. You don’t want the same voice and the same game plan. That gets old and stale.

The Tigers have good older pieces in Miguel Cabrera and Victor Martinez and younger and exciting pieces in J.D. Martinez, Anthony Gose and Jose Iglesias. How do you mix the old with the new and keep this team competitive? That is the challenge.

I am so glad the Tigers are rebooting or retooling or rethinking or however you want to relook it. This team underachieved for more than a year and was not going to make a run as presently constructed.

I like the term reboot. It is about time.

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2 Responses to “Tigers reboot should mean new thinking”

  1. richard Says:

    You sure they won’t have a top 3 payroll anymore? On what do you base that? Your gut? You. Are. Two. Weeks. Late. To. The. Party. And. Your. Opinion. Is. Still. Not. Based. On. Anything. Beyond. What. You. Feel. At. The. Moment. Man, you are bad enough when you’re backing up Valenti, but I could only take your show for 30 seconds today. Caller: [paraphrased] Dumbrowski is going to Toronto next year. “Shouldn’t we be concerned that he’s stacking the Blue Jays deck with Price for his purposes in 2016?” You: [paraphrased] “You SHOULD be concerned, but let’s move on to point B…” NO, YOU IDIOT, we should not be concerned that that is what DumbBrowski is doing. Price is strictly a 2 month + if/playoffs rental. Then he is FA. Me: “Will this blog be pulled, just as the only two other TFos blog ‘peaces’ I commented on? (The One Where You pretended to be a childhood friend of the young man who was killed by a car early this year AND The One Where You cried you wouldn’t be able to buy your f’ing salad at Hiller’s deli anymore, as if that was somehow more important than the 800 union employees who were getting pinked-slipped and losing the seniority even should they be hired in another (read “Kroger”) union shop.)


    • Terry Foster Says:

      I talk to people. The Tigers want to readjust or reboot their thinking. Mike Ilitch pushed for top three payrolls. It did not work out the way they wanted. The team has to make some money. We shall see.


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