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Comedian Keegan-Michael Key is not my half brother?

Written By: Terry Foster | July 29, 2015

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I just found out today that I am not related to comedian Keegan-Michael Key, one half of the successful Comedy Central show with Jordan Peele.

But a few years ago I watched Key on the show and thought he looked a little like my son Brandon.

I thought nothing of it until two days ago when my half brother Alex, who is trying to find his roots, said he believes we might be related to Key. He wrote that Key was biracial and was adopted by biracial parents. He thought there was a chance that our father Ronald Eugene Foster might be the biological father of Key.

I thought he was being silly until I googled Key. Things got scary. He is 44 years old, about 12 years younger than me. My father was murdered when I was 12 years old. My dad lived in Royal Oak with a white woman named Sherry. I remember playing over at her house with her kids and some of the neighborhood kids. I never remember her being pregnant by my father but it seems as if my dad got around.

I have a half sister in Detroit and half brothers in Detroit and Germany — that I know of.

Key was adopted and raised in Detroit and Southfield and attended Royal Oak Shrine. His biography said he is biracial and raised by biracial parents. And then I remembered again, this dude looks like my son Little B.

Key and my father were tall. My son B is 13 and is already 5-foot-9. They are all light-skin.

I am wondering if Sherry was pregnant and after the death of my father decided to put the baby up for adoption rather than try to raise him. Or was she pregnant at all? My cousin said I have more brothers I did not know about before she died. But I never pressed her on it.

Key is a comedian I have followed. He does mostly skits with Peele. He played Luther,  Barack Obama’s angry translator during the White House Correspondents dinner. The skit had me cracking up.

And he has a skit about a guy named Valenti, an angry telemarketer who hangs up on people. I do a radio show with Mike Valenti, an angry sports talk show host who hangs up on people.

Could it be?

I got in contact with his brother today and he told me his biological father was not murdered and they know who the mother is. Things began to fall out of place. Of course if we were related the first thing I would say is “I do not want your money. I just want to know if we can compare notes.” Famous people get approached all the time by folks who say “my name is Pookie. I am a distant cousin twice removed on my father’s side. Now can you cut me a check for $10,000 to cover my expenses.”

I did not  want to do that. I just wanted to know.

We are not related. But damn that brother looks like my son B.

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5 Responses to “Comedian Keegan-Michael Key is not my half brother?”

  1. ttirone Says:

    This is stupid!


  2. Jon Says:

    Man, that dude does look like you. I would of investigated myself. You don’t think maybe he said that because Keegan wants to forget about his past?


    • Terry Foster Says:

      Maybe he does want to forget his past. He really looks like my father. Same build. Same skin color. But if he says that is not his father then I will move on. But I still get chills when I look at photos of Keegan Michael-Key, my dad and my son B.


  3. Herb Stachura Says:

    As Keegan-Michael Key headed to a gig on April 25, he was worried. He d just had a couple of rehearsals for a bit he was going to perform at the White House Correspondents Dinner that night but since his partner in the bit was the President of the United States, he figured that comic timing might not be too high on Barack Obama s list of priorities.


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