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I was part of the worst sports call in history

Written By: Terry Foster | July 27, 2015

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We see bad calls in sports all the time.

Fans and players get angry and believe the umpire or official are after their team simply because they don’t like Detroit.  I mean many of us are still fuming over the call that might have cost the Lions a playoff victory in Dallas against the Cowboys. They cheated.

Well I am here to say I was a victim of the worst call in the history of sports. It was so bad that I didn’t even get that angry. It was an intramural softball game at Central Michigan University between the Saxe Sluts and another fine softball team.

Back then I had some speed. It was not Division I speed or world class speed, but I had intramural speed. I hit a ground ball to second base and the second baseman bobbled it a bit. And I was hauling it down the first base line with my intramural speed.

When I touched first base I took a peak and saw the ball just leaving the guy’s hand. I had taken two steps past first when the first baseman caught the ball.  I turned around to take my base when I saw the umpire’s right hand go up calling me out.

My team went nuts and I stayed on the base because I knew I was safe and I thought he simply made the wrong gesture and would realize his mistake.

Nope. I was out.

It was such a bad call that I laughed at first base along with the first baseman.

I did ask what he saw.

“It was a really close play,” he said. “But he nipped you.”

Top that one folks.


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