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It’s hotter than hell

Written By: Terry Foster | July 21, 2011

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Throw this one in a pool

BROOKLYN, Mi — My daughter Celine played in the World Cup semifinals during the Sauk Valley soccer camp early Wednesday morning. Her team wasn’t the best in the land and I could see her legs churning and her mind running trying to help Team Japan beat Team Mexico.

And in a matter of seconds you could see those legs turn to rubber. She hit the wall after playing four days in the most intense heat of summer. No amount of water or rest could save her. She was spent and you could see it on her face. Celine later was voted best player for her age group, but confessed it was tough playing in 90 plus degree weather with the heat index above 100.

This has been one of the more miserable weeks in memory and today is supposed to be the worst. You know 90 degree days are coming. But it seems like we are living in a giant oven because of the humidity. I feel like a giant freshly baked roll every time I leave the air conditioned house to go outside.

I brought a cooler filled with ice for her roommates and the girls attacked it like sharks to chum. They’d gone four days without ice and were appreciative of the gift.

I am lucky. I only go into the heat when I want to. I marvel at construction workers that work in the heat on highways, on roof tops and while dealing with hot asphalt and tar. It must be miserable work but there is an old saying. You do what you got to do to survive.

You must put food on the table.

I hate when it gets this hot. It puts people in a bad mood and you feel like somebody put tiny globs of glue all over your body. People have that glow about them and it is not from having a good time. Your face is shiny all the time, sort of like one of those Chucky dolls.

My son Brandon loves it — soft of. When we drove home he started screaming: “It’s 100 degrees. Can I have the camera phone to take a picture?”

Of course he said this inside an air conditioned car and he never left the house once we returned home.


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