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Never touch a black woman’s hair

Written By: Terry Foster | July 23, 2015

Filed Under: Life

My son Brandon made a fatal error. He was talking about a black female friend and he blurted out that she had “fake hair.”

I told the boy that he can never say that again or risk a fatal smack across the face. He looked puzzled.

I sat him down and talked to him about the facts of life. You can never talk about a black females hair unless you say it looks nice today. You cannot touch it. You can not feel it. You ignore it.

During my life of dating I’ve gone through my share of wigs, hair weaves, hair pieces and phony ponies. And I learned you cannot tell anybody that the hair is fake. I was at a Michigan State University tailgate when a white guy was there with his black girlfriend. We talked and he spoke about her hair weave.

And he was loud.

I screamed at him “noooooooooooooooooooo.” But it was too late. She heard and you should have seen the look on her face when she said “excuse me?” He did not know what he did wrong. However, I am sure the lecture he received that evening was long and stern.

You do not talk about a black woman’s hair.

Many years ago I was in the throes of passion with a sister when I grabbed her hair. I got called a name that rhymes with trigger. I’ve never done it again.

I bring you this message because some of our white brothers are dating black women. They don’t know all the rules but this is an important one.


You will thank me later.

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2 Responses to “Never touch a black woman’s hair”

  1. beer_is_proof Says:

    Goes for a lot of the white gals too….. Better not touch the hair, especially if she spent an hour or so getting it just right!


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