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Do not ignore the second child

Written By: Terry Foster | July 22, 2015

Filed Under: Family, Life

Daughter Celine has had a fantastic summer and there are more things to come.

She won the mock trial competition at Howard University and one of the kids she competed against won the Pennsylvania mock trial state championship. She is going to a leadership camp at Albion College this weekend and after that will mentor inner city kids at Wayne State University.

She went to a soccer ID camp in Ohio and played very well.

With that said I’ve been trying to spend a lot of time with younger brother Brandon. Celine is being showered with praise by family, friends and others. I want to make sure to let B know that he is still my guy and is very important to the family. Sometimes the second child gets lost in the shuffle if an older one does wonderful things.

That is why Brandon and I went to Airtime in Troy, so he could just jump and have fun. We went to the Detroit premier of Southpaw where he got to take a photo of Eminem. And I am so glad we went on our Bro-cation to Florida a couple weeks ago. He is my guy and I need to show him that, especially when he is in the house with a sister who has an above 4.0 grade point average and is being recruited by colleges for academics and soccer.

My kids always ask who I love most. I sincerely love them equally. They are my people and I want to make sure our relationships are as balanced as possible. You cannot ignore or toss one to the side just because one is doing great things. I did ask Brandon what he thinks about what Celine has done this summer.

He said he was happy for her and he seemed sincere.

So maybe that has not affected him. But just to be sure me and B will hang out this Saturday again just to do silly fun stuff.



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