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Stand up and tell them you are from Detroit

Written By: Terry Foster | June 28, 2015

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Springfield, Ohio — I am here because Celine is participating in a soccer camp at Wittenberg University.

On Saturday night I found myself at the Buckeye Sports Bar and discovered people here are just as curious about Detroit as they are in other places. I sat at the bar deciding what to order when the woman next to me said “just play along with me.”

She snuggled up to me and whispered in my ear. She was playing a joke on her husband who was looking for her on the other side of the restaurant. He finally saw here and made his way to her.

“Am I going to get killed now,” I joked.

She laughed and assured me I was safe. Later I told her I was from Detroit and she immediately perked up.

“Oh now I see why you asked if you were going to get killed,” she said. “You are from Detroit.”

And then we got into it about Detroit. The conversations are about the same. People are curious about the city and they hear we are making a comeback. I explained what was going on with the city and told them the good stuff. But I am sure to tell them about the messed up neighborhoods which could be decades away from help.

Here is the thing I learned in my travels. If you stand up and tell them you are from Detroit expect a lengthy conversation. We are a topic. We are a conversation piece. It is not a bad thing. I actually like the conversations about the city.

And by the way I was safe from her husband. He laughed at the joke.

Maybe because he was not from Detroit.  Just kidding kids.

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