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I rank the Detroit sports franchises in terms of interest

Written By: Terry Foster | June 24, 2015

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People often ask me what is my favorite sport or favorite sports teams in Detroit.

How about I give you this? I rank the four pro sports teams in order of interest. What do you think?

THE LIONS: There is just something about this team that hits you in the gut. You are happier when they win. You are more pissed off when they lose. Unfortunately they do more losing than winning.

The old saying is right, if the Lions win a Super Bowl the celebration would be something we’ve never seen around here. The Spirit of Detroit statue would probably do a back flip. Still, it is the only pro team in Detroit that has not won a championship in my life time while wasting the talents of Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson.

The Lions are often a train wreck but you cannot ignore the show.’

THE TIGERS: I was one of the few kids from my neighborhood that went to Tiger games. Old Tiger Stadium was not inviting to black families. But I went because of friendships with the Butsicaris family at the old Lindell AC. And my Aunt Margo used to take me to games where we often sat in the right field stands. She loved the New York Yankees.

Today the Tigers are almost as frustrating as the Lions because they have not won a World Series since 1984 and are 1-8 in their last two WS appearances. But Comerica Park is a fun place to go to enjoy baseball and people watch.

THE RED WINGS: This isn’t really Hockeytown. It is Red Wings town. It is a great organization with great tradition.

The greatness spills off your tongue. Gordie Howe, Steve Yzerman, Nick Lidstrom. The list goes on and on. The best times were at Olympia Stadium because it was a regular hockey barn. Joe Louis Arena is a dump and I can’t wait to see the team play in the new arena. This organization has won more titles than anybody and it is worth noting.

THE PISTONS: The Pistons need to win again to move up the ladder. Owner Tom Gores is breathing new life into the organization and hopefully Stan Van Gundy knows what he is doing. However, the Pistons are often out of sight and out of mind. They play in Auburn Hills and sit around the bottom of the division each season.

They’ve had great moments with the Bad Boys and with Ben Wallace and Chauncey Billups. But they have been bad way more than good.

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