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Our household grows by one

Written By: Terry Foster | June 8, 2015

Filed Under: Family, Life

The mother in-law came over to the house on Memorial Day weekend for a three-day visit.

She is still here.

Poor thing only enjoyed a few hours of good health when kidney stones got the best of her. She spent a few days in the hospital before retreating to our upstairs bedroom to recover. For years I’ve heard terrible mother-in-law stories as men cringe every time they come to the house, even just for dinner.

It is an adjustment but it is kind of fun having her over. I’ve grilled meat and vegetables for her, run pitchers of water to her room for her and ran errands for her. But probably the most important thing is I’ve listened to her. She likes to talk about anything and everything. And she does repeat herself a lot.

One of the in laws warned me that she is a talker. But that is OK. If that is the worst thing then I will take it. She is pretty cool.

I’ve known people that had terrible relationships with the in laws. Nobody is ever good enough for their children and they never totally invite them in. It is sad because family is supposed to be special, even extended family through marriage. I was lucky. My in laws actually liked me and embraced me immediately when I asked Abs to marry me.

The dad actually cried.

Any way it is back to cooking and running water up to the room for me. And of course it is time for me to do one simple thing.



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One Response to “Our household grows by one”

  1. Daryl Peguese Says:

    Having Mom-in-law is house can be a difficult situation. Not only for you but also for your wife. My Mother in law lived with us for for 6 months before she passed away. Although there were some tense moments and a lot of work involved we made it work and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I enjoyed that time and I felt good helping her out.


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