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Join me at Tin Fish to help Sabby II

Written By: Terry Foster | July 19, 2011

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Sabrina Black aka Sabby II

You might have known her as Sabrina West or Sabrina Black. That is not what I called her. My name for her was Sabby II because I knew she liked Black Sabbath and I played off the band’s name  for her nickname.

She was a co-worker at WDFN back in the day and a friend. I co-hosted a show and she was our update person during mid days and we used to have a blast.  Sabby II died of cancer four years ago and it was one of the most painful deaths many media members went through. People knew her and liked her and if they didn’t know her they knew of her voice and the six year battle with cancer.

Her legacy continues and I am proud to be part of it for one night. I am hoping that you can join me this Thursday at the Partridge Creek Tin Fish on Hall Road in Sterling Heights where I will serve with other locals as a celebrity bartender. My shift runs from 7:30-8:30 p.m. and all tips generated will benefit the Sabrina Black Foundation. It is a wonderful cause that benefits the families of cancer victims.

If you cannot make it during my one hour time slot then come earlier or later to help. I still might be around acting like a clown. They need all the help they can get because the disease is  not only nasty but it is expensive to treat.

I actually don’t know why Sabrina liked me because I made fun of her constantly. I teased her about her love for fantasy hockey and the Red Wings. I joked with her about the big black boots she wore and her long hair. She loved it because it made her feel like one of the guys — which she was when we were in the garage at WDFN.

My daughter Celine loved her. After Sabrina was diagnosed we went over to the house where Celine talked to Sabrina, ate sandwiches and marveled at the fish in a backyard pond. Celine always asked how Sabby II was doing and in tribute we have a photo of Celine wearing a cloth over her head.

I love Sabrina because she was a good friend. I marvel at her husband Steve who cared for her, loved her and continues to fight for her in death. If you can find somebody more loyal than Steve they should be nominated for saint hood.

Please come Thursday and help out.

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