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My bout with road rage

Written By: Terry Foster | July 18, 2011

Filed Under: Life

Road rage is a leading cause of becoming a jerk

I created road rage and I am happy about it. The guy was a total jerk.

Here is what happened. The family drove my daughter Celine to soccer camp at Sauk Valley near Michigan International Speedway. After 20 seconds of tears from Celine the rest of the family headed west on M-12 for a quick trip to East Lansing to bring food to the in-laws.

M-12 is a two lane highway and I allowed myself about four to five car lengths while following a car going about 65 miles per hour. I was in no rush so I followed and did not try to pass. Then comes jerk boy from behind. He cruises up and wants to pass. I am cool with that. He jets the engines and passes me and makes a circular motion with his arm for me to speed up.

I shook my head as he settled in between me and the next car. He passes the next car and does the same thing.

Less than two miles later he pulls over to his destination, probably saving himself a whopping 10 seconds on his trip. By the time I got to him he was just stepping out of his car so I gave him the circular motion in jest.

My man was so mad. He was this fat dude with a belly that looked like a much softer version of Plymouth Rock. I know this because home boy was not wearing a shirt.   He jumped up and down and screamed at me and gave me the finger. I kept looking in the rear view mirror and he was hopping mad for a full five seconds as I sped down the highway.

Jerk boy wanted to fight. He made my day. I laughed so hard I could not contain myself.

He was a classic example of a person who can dish it out but cannot take it.

I am guilty of road rage myself. I hate the person who tries to squeeze you out of merging into one lane when they are behind you. Traffic is slow any way. So what is the rush?And of course the ultimate in road rage happens when the little old lady makes the slow turn in front of you on Telegraph causing you to stand on the brakes or swirving to avoid their car.

What are you road rage stories?


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3 Responses to “My bout with road rage”

  1. Ron Marshall Says:

    T, your story is the classic one. I’ve had that encounter a few times. Even had one genius who broke his neck to get to the light, that I was laughing so hard @, got out and charged the car. That was until I jumped out also. See I was in my mom’s little Mazda while my car was in the shop. He wasn’t expecting the 6 foot 270 pound bouncer to spring from the vehicle. He had to have twisted an ankle as he did the fastest 180 got back in his car saying he was kidding and pulled off into traffic. Hilarious!


  2. Terry Foster Says:

    OH MAN. I wish you had that on video tape. that is a great story. You dont charge cars unless you are real tough guy and maybe a little bit stupid.
    T Foster


  3. BID316 Says:

    These aren’t really road rage stories. They’re more like “road ire” or “road frustration” stories…

    Oprah was on Twitter last week and she took issue with an event which she witnessed while she was driving (or being driven). This is her “cause.” Her statement was regarding a mother who was texting while driving with two kids in the front seat.

    (via @Oprah… And don’t ask me if or why I follow Oprah)

    1 of 2: Being driven to L.A. just saw a mother driving on the 101texting with her 2 kids in front seat. Really bad. Where is COMMON SENSE?!

    2 of 2: How many people have to be killed before we “get it”? Texting while driving is crazy. On interstate is INSANE.

    To this, I say, you should drive in rush hour traffic! I see idiotic behavior EVERYDAY!!!!

    Thursday evening (5:20 PM?), after exiting the freeway, I notices the lady in the van directly ahead of me takes off very slowly (too slow) from the red light. I can also see from her side-view mirror that she is not looking at the road. I give her the quick (polite) honk to “wake her up.” She doesn’t speed up at all. When I get an opportunity to pass her, I can see that she is writing on a clipboard (low-tech texting?) while driving!! In rush hour!! On an alternate route for the Southfield Freeway!!

    Friday evening (5:10 PM?), entering I-75 South from northbound I-75, just north of Lafayette, in downtown Detroit, I’m directly behind a guy in a van on a one-lane access ramp which is about a half-mile to three-quarters of a mile long. He’s driving kind of slow. There is NOBODY in view in front of him. I can see in his side-view mirror that he READING what seems to be a folded green piece of paper!! On the access ramp to an Interstate!! In rush hour traffic!!

    A daily occurrence is the person in the wrong lane on the I-75 South interchange to I-96. Someone driving slow is ALWAYS holding up traffic and then switches lanes at the last minute!! In rush hour traffic!!

    Another daily occurrence is the person on the phone in the left-most lane who holds up traffic by leaving seven car-lengths of “slack” between him (or her) and the next vehicle such that he (or she) will not have to react to traffic circumstances too quickly while their attention is being divided… In rush hour traffic!!

    I hate inconsiderate drivers!!

    And I haven’t really touched on the persons driving too slow in rush hour traffic in the morning who obviously have a court date or some other business to conduct at 9:30 AM (or later)!!


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