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Pistons warned about a shooter in Houston

Written By: Terry Foster | March 5, 2015

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New Orleans — The next stop on this Pistons road strip is Houston and everybody has been warned to be careful.

There is a serial shooter on the loose  and that person has already wounded four people and killed one. The  attacks are random. Nobody knows when this person will hit next. Pistons security passed along the threat to players. Greg Monroe passed it along to me.

Hopefully, they will catch this person soon. Nobody will call it that but this is an act of terror in that it has people on edge and terrified. Someone was shot at a bus stop. At least one school is on lock down. Police say the suspect is light skin black male and most of the attacks have been at night. He is targeting people walking along the streets.

Victims say a SUV creeps up on you and this person jumps out and starts shooting. One college student was lucky. The gun jammed when he attacked.

Do you remember the terror we felt when some guy was shooting randomly at cars on 96? My wife was going back and forth on that route because her dad was ill. It was not fun and I made her call every time she made it to East Lansing. One night I told her to stay. The family was OK.

Houston has been crazy lately. Someone shot up a fast food restaurant. A customer shot and killed someone who opened fire in a crowded restaurant.

Maybe it might be room service for me.

No way. I plan on enjoying Houston because it is not a city I visit frequently. I will be careful and will make sure to be in a crowded area if I am out at night.


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