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Just your typical 43 year old grand dad

Written By: Terry Foster | March 3, 2015

Filed Under: Parenthood, tattoos

I wanted to return home to my family ASAP after covering the Pistons game in Washington D.C. So I was on the first thing running to get home for lunch and a little adventure.

Normally on 5 am flights I immediately fall asleep. My seat neighbor would not allow it. At first Jason was annoying. By the end of the flight he was delightful. He was your typical tattoo wearing, 43 year old grand father, single father of four who smoked too much while moving to a new life with his fiancée. He had a troubled life. I know because he broke down every aspect of it during our 56 minute flight from Baltimore to Charlotte.

He had his first child at age 20 to a girl who was 16 years old. Somehow the father of the girl was OK with it because he said they were best friends. He is married and divorced and plans to rejoin his lady in Florida to begin a new life. He praised God for the take off and the sun rising in the east. He asked about our other seat mate Steph’s trip to visit a friend in San Diego.

He was different but the guy grew on you.

He became so loud when I told him I was a sports writer that even the people ahead of us had that WTF look on their faces. He drank coffee with seven teaspoons of sugar and wanted a beer to chase it down but thought better of it.

He was excited for a new life, a new job and a new start.

He gave me and Steph fist bumps before we left. And I wished him well in his new adventure.



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