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Strange multi-task in the men’s room

Written By: Terry Foster | March 2, 2015

Filed Under: Life

I know many of us are in a hurry but I witnessed something strange during my first Pistons road trip to Washington.

I went to use the bathroom before tipoff and there was a guy doing three things. His cell phone was cupped between his chin and ear. He was using the bathroom and was brushing his teeth.

And I mean he was really brushing his teeth. I never heard someone brush their teeth so loudly.  It was amazing. I also thought it was nasty.

He’s got his tooth brush in one hand and his man hood in the other and holding a conversation. I tried to look too much but trust me when I say that there was tooth paste all over the place every time he spoke.

I am sure the poor guy leads a busy life and he was simply multi tasking like many of us do . I just think that was too much.

I see people putting on their makeup and driving. Or how many times have you seen somebody driving and reading? It is not very smart but people do it.

I did not stick around to see the guy finish his chore. I wanted to see how he rinsed his mouth, washed his hands and continued the phone conversation. I bet it was amazing.


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