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Innocent infant 3, murdered for dirty diaper

Written By: Terry Foster | February 17, 2015

Filed Under: Parenthood

If you are not ready to have children in your lives just let us know.

Maybe we can have them removed. Or maybe we can fix it so you can never have children.

Today I bring you the story of the Florida man who murdered his girlfriend’s three-year old son. What did the child do? His diaper leaked and poo-poo got on the furniture in an apartment he shares with his sister. It sent  Corey Gordon into such a rage that he beat Khyese Anthony Couch to death. I am serious about this.

Gordon was looking after the child while his girlfriend Chantel Haye began a new job.

That afternoon he had tears in his eyes while picking up Haye from work. She looked in the back seat to see the lifeless child sitting there. They rushed to the hospital where Khyese was pronounced dead. Of course Gordon did the manly thing and drove off while his girlfriend ran into the emergency room. He was later picked up by police, booked in Broward County Jail and charged with first degree murder.

It is a shame that innocent life must suffer because of a poo-poo diaper. Was it really that serious? Children are so harmless and innocent. I doubt that the kid did it on purpose. And even if he did, this is not a death sentence.

I hope this man never sees the light of day, except in a prison yard.


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