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Blowing taps for Tommy turtle

Written By: Terry Foster | July 17, 2011

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I feel guilty. A few days ago I wrote about a turtle that made an unplanned pit stop in my backyard. He was a big turtle and I wondered why we are seeing so much wild life in my backyard these days.

I am sad to report that my friend did not make it to the pond or lake that he was looking for. Rest in peace Tommy Turtle for you are now road kill. He got hit by a car about 30 yards from the house. Despite his blinding speed a car ran right over my friend and he did not make it.

My neighbors discovered Tommy on their way to play tennis. I saw his remains while driving to the store. I never thought it would end this way. I should have put him in a box and taken him to the nearst lake or pond. I should have given him food to slow his migration.

This is terrible.  Everybody say a prayer to my friend Tommy.

Rest in peace my friend.


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2 Responses to “Blowing taps for Tommy turtle”

  1. BID316 Says:

    Did Gene Lamont send Tommy Turtle?


  2. diamond bar wedding photographers Says:

    You are a very smart individual!


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