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No thanks to the Pistons beat

Written By: Terry Foster | January 24, 2015

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I want to congratulate my friend and fellow Detroit News writer Vinnie Goodwill for accepting his new gig in Chicago as a Chicago Bulls beat writer. He will write and do television for Comcast and the gig is well deserved. A lot of media outlets were after Vinnie because he is young, aggressive and works the room and works his sources well.

He will do well in Chicago even though it is tough leaving your home town.

With that said I do not want to be his replacement. My time on the beat was fun and rewarding. This simply is not the time for me to get back on the beat and on the road again. It was a blast covering the Bad Boy Pistons during their championship runs in the late 80s and early 90s. I was the young guy filled with vinegar, eager to hit the road.

Now I have home obligations which includes a family, a radio show and weekend road trips with daughter Celine as we encounter a month long journey of college showcase tournaments and trips to three schools in Ohio that are looking at her. My radio partner Mike was so worried the News would ask me to take over the beat that he made me take an oath on the air to not take over the Pistons.

I’d love to help out and assist the new person into transitioning into the new role. My editors want me to continue to write columns and fill in more with college basketball, which I am more than happy to do. It keeps me busy and keeps me close to home.

The best beat writers for the NHL and NBA are those who do not have family and are eager to put their heads down and grind for six to eight months. Maybe if wife Abs dumped me I would consider it. But she said she is cool with me for this week. And maybe if 97.1 FM dumped me I would consider it but I just signed a three-year deal a few weeks ago.

Good luck to Vinnie. He will set Chicago on fire.


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