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Detroit must move on from Max Scherzer

Written By: Terry Foster | January 22, 2015

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We were in the radio studio when the ticket text and twitter feeds began to trickle in.

People in Detroit were upset about a press conference hundreds of miles away. Former Tiger pitcher Max Scherzer was being introduced to the Washington D.C. media after signing a seven-year, $210 million contract. Max talked about wanting to win there. He talked about the money being crazy and he talked about a lot of other things.

It wasn’t what Max talked about that upset people here. It was what he did not talk about. He did not acknowledge Detroit, the Tigers and his former teammates.

So what, folks. Grow up.

We do not like to be rejected around here. That is why Detroit remains a big, small town. It would have been nice if he spent a moment talking about his times here. It would have been nice if he told D.C. how the Tigers helped make him a better pitcher. But he did not have to and I am not losing sleep over it.

Baseball is a business.  There is no loyalty except to the team that is paying you right here and right now.  The Tigers were hurt when Max turned down a six-year, $144 million contract. He instead gambled on himself and won. Scott Boras is the best agent around and he did what was best for Max.

That’s it. We move on.

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