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Michelle Obama is not a monkey

Written By: Terry Foster | January 21, 2015

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I happen to think first lady Michelle Obama is attractive.

I said it on twitter and was surprised by the first two responses I got. One person said she looks like a gorilla. The other called her an orangutan. In other words things do not change. For some we still remind them of monkeys and animals.

It was the first response and quite frankly I was disappointed. You do not have to agree that she is an attractive woman. However, she hardly looks like an animal. For some white people we are still sub human. One corrected himself and said he thought she had man-like features like that is a huge compromise.

People disappoint me and many of them do not get it.

For instance black journalist are often called dumb and lazy even though the ones who get called that are hardly that. Yes, I am called that frequently even though I have two jobs and am helping raise a family. Quite frankly my batteries run out at times and I need a relaxing weekend to regroup.

But I’ve had conversations with Jason Whitlock, Mike Wilbon, the late Bryan Burwell, Drew Sharp and Rob Parker and they are all called dumb and lazy when they write or say something people don’t like. When my white counterparts have a controversial opinion or slant most people simply say they disagree with them.

There have been people in my business who are lazy. Most are now unemployed.

And Michelle Obama is still fine.


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5 Responses to “Michelle Obama is not a monkey”

  1. Shane B Says:

    This white guy agrees. She’s the hottest first lady in a while.


  2. Micheal Hatfield Says:

    Terry, I have met you, spoke to you , read you daily and listen to you daily.. You are as good as a writer, speaker as you are a person— 1st class. Do not let some dumb ignorant people tell you other wise. Racism is still out there in a daily notice, but it’s people like you who help make progress to move forward. Keep up being that great guy I spoke to and listen to all the time. Have a great night!


    • Terry Foster Says:

      I hear what you are saying but I feel that I must call people out. I must let people know what goes on with idiots. Many do not believe things like this happen. I will continue to expose evil people whenever I can.


  3. Jim Says:

    Hi Terry,

    I get what you’re saying about black journalists being called dumb and lazy, but Rob Parker and Drew Sharp haven’t exactly upheld the highest standards of journalistic conduct, either. Each writes merely for a reaction and to get web hits. Sharp regularly trolls the Detroit, U-M, and MSU fan bases, while Rob Parker makes a stupid comment to get him fired in the last three or four jobs he’s had. I don’t know about Bryan Burwell, because I never read any of his stuff, but the derision that the likes of Sharp and Parker have received are well deserved.


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