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Drive time follies

Written By: Terry Foster | January 17, 2015

Filed Under: driving, Life

I was in the right hand lane in moderate traffic when I noticed my lane was about to end and I had about a quarter mile to merge into the left-hand lane to keep the flow going.

I was slightly ahead of the car who was in the left-hand lane and put my blinker on to merge. Do you know what the person did? They sped up to make sure I did not get the slot ahead of them. I am sure this has happened to you before. So this person sped up, nearly knocking me off the road to make sure they were ahead of me.

Then traffic slowed down and this person risked knocking me into a ditch just for this? I could have walked up and shook their hands even though I felt like shaking their necks.

I hope they got their jollies.

People put themselves and you at risk for the smallest advantages on the road. It used to be that the most dangerous drivers were grand mom and grand dad that would make one of those U-turns onto Telegraph right in front of you despite three other lanes being open. Or how about speed racer that drives up on your ass in the snow and sleet?

Or how about soccer mom who is smacking her noisy and bad kids in the back seat while swerving in your lane?

I love to drive. I just do not love the drivers sometimes.



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2 Responses to “Drive time follies”

  1. Lesko Says:

    I feel for you but you are in the vast minority. 90 percent of the people that are in that right lane when it ends already know it ends and are trying to ‘cut the line’. Usually driving a Lexus, BMW or Mercedes too. Oakland County is the worst for it.


  2. Taylor Phillips Says:

    Looked like someone was trying to convert to FIREBIRD MODE!!!!!!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58CpFijzTq4&index=4&list=PLsIU1BQsxkqSkSwwW4eZ2icga-ZTB1Jv-


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