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Daughter Celine is OK after a four-girl pile up in soccer

Written By: Terry Foster | January 12, 2015

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Usually my daughter Celine pops right up when she gets knocked down on the soccer pitch. She does not want to give opponents the satisfaction they might have gotten the best of her even if they foul her inside the box.

When Celine got blasted Sunday inside a four-girl pile up near the front of the net against the Michigan Chill, she tried to pop back up. But she could not put any weight on her left leg and fell back down to the turf. One girl told her to get up, that she was OK. I knew that was not the case.

My fear was an ACL injury and rehabilitation. It’s been years since I ran over to assist her after a hit. She once did the John Elway helicopter and did not get back up for a bit.

This time I had to run over and help. I know my kid and I feared the worst. Knee injuries are more common with girl athletes the past few years. A recent New York Times article popped into my head as I walked over to see her.  She was in tears and her leg was trembling when I got there.

But there was good news inside the bad. Coach Kevin feared a calf tear, which we can deal with more than a knee injury.

“Score a goal for Celine.” one parent shouted.

I helped her up and she was able to walk. The opposing coach asked if she was OK, which was nice to hear.

After a while she was able to walk and her major complaint was a gash across the head and a finger that was bent in the pile up. The knee and the calf are sore but they are OK.

She has three college show case tournaments coming up and there are a few schools she hopes comes see her play. She wants to show what she can do.

Oh and by the way. She scored the game-winning goal before the pile up.

Everything appears to be OK.

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